Welcome to the Holy Infant Montessori Center website!

Founded in 1977, the HIMC is a recognized educational institution by the Department of Education of the Republic of the Philippines in both ONLINE and traditional FACE-TO FACE classes.

Thank you very much, and stay safe!

With safety as our number one priority, for Academic Year 2021-2022, students will attend synchronous classes daily and have asynchronous classes the rest of the day working on various learning tasks and activities.

Figure 1: Multi-modal delivery system of learning

All class sizes and duration shall follow these limits to ensure low teacher-student ratio for optimum learning and regulating student screen time.

Figure 2: Class sizes and duration

Recognizing the financial challenges of all parties, the HIMC has initiated the following with regard to fees for schoolyear 2021-2022.

  1. NO TUITION FEE increase for SY 2021-2022.
  2. BOOKS

The HIMC management has made efforts in making education as cost effective as possible with a mindset of providing quality education while ensuring student, parent and employee satisfaction. We hope that these initiatives will be beneficial for all parties with the end goal in mind of getting through this pandemic and providing quality education in any platform amidst all the safety protocols in place.

Moving forward towards an evolving learning experience that is safe for everyone, we ask for your patience, support and cooperation. We are constantly monitoring and evaluating, and making the proper adjustments in our operations on a regular basis.

Thank you for your constant support, and letting us continue with our advocacy of providing students with quality education. You may email us at greyes@himc.edu.ph or call 84709640 for inquiries.